Publications and conference presentations
March 2004, Sheffield EA1, Test this Heat Exchanger

I am originally from Amsterdam (NL), with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Groningen (NL). From 1999 Alexander Willemse, Alex Hoffmann, Mike Hounslow and Agba Salman introduced me to pharmaceutical granulation, particle technology and population balance modelling. After finishing my degree in Groningen, Organon (Oss, NL) offered me the opportunity to continue working in the granulation field, and from September 2001 I was in the Particle Products Group in Sheffield and the Product Development Department in Oss. My PhD project is titled: Development of a predictive high shear granulation model. At the end of my PhD research I moved to the group of Frank Doyle in Santa Barbara to implement control algorithms in granulation processes.

  • UC Santa Barbara, 2006-Present (website) The Doyle group
  • University of Queensland, 2007 (website) Particle and System Design Centre
  • University of Sheffield, 2001-2007 (website) Particle Products Group, SUGaR
  • University of Groningen, 1994-2000 (website)

  • International Fine Particles Research Institute, 2006-Present (website)
  • Procter and Gamble, 2007-Present (website)
  • Organon, 1999-2005 (website)
  • Mentra / Broekhuis Training, 1998-1999 (website)
  • Fluor Daniel, 1998 (website)
  • Hedon Electronics, 1994 (website)

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